Jessica and Claudia’s Romantic Brighton Wedding Shoot

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>Jessica and Claudia embrace on the beach at the water's edge

When you look through the gallery of this romantic Brighton wedding shoot, Jessica and Claudia  might look familiar to you. You can find this gorgeous couple over on YouTube, where they have a successful channel of nearly a quarter of a million followers!  Once you’ve finished here, you should definitely head on over to YouTube and check it out.

Jessica and Claudia Kellgren-Fozard were already married when I met them – they had a beautiful wedding ceremony at Frenchay Quaker Meeting House and their reception was held at Kings Weston House– an elegant early 18th-century country house that Jess grew up in the grounds of and that has been important to her since childhood.  Their wedding day was beautiful, but it was also one of the rainiest on record, and they weren’t able to get any shots outside. They wanted, then, to do a post wedding shoot in their stunning dresses in and around their hometown of Brighton, and I was over the moon to be asked to shoot it for them.

Brighton is such a wonderfully quirky, colourful and surprising city, and it was wonderful to be able to shoot Jessica and Claudia in a real variety of locations. We covered lush greenery in the park, candy coloured beach huts, gritty graffiti and crashing waves. It was an amazing day, and these two looked absolutely stunning. Jessica channelled Grace Kelly in her dress by Lou Lou Bridal, and Claudia looked effortlessly chic and gorgeous in her lace embellished number from White Leaf Bridal.

I adore this couple. Their love for each other is palpable and it was a joy to spend the day together with them. Jessica explained a bit about how they met, and it’s just so clear from spending any time with them how strong their connection is. She says:

“Claudia and I met online at the end of summer 2014 and almost immediately snapped together. It was a classic case of ‘when you know, you know’ and we were living together within a month! After spending Christmas with my family, Claudia took me to Rome for my birthday and proposed as we watched the sunset over the Colosseum from the top of Il Vitriano.”

Jessica has two genetic disorders, which means she suffers chronic fatigue and pain, and occasionally needs a wheelchair, and they also affect her hearing so she wears hearing aids. When I got in touch with them to let them know I’d be blogging their shoot, I asked Jessica to say a few words about her disabilities. Her response is so perfect that I had to share it here verbatim (get ready to fall in love with these two yourselves!):

“Claudia was the first person I went on a date with who genuinely didn’t find any of that off putting or a ‘problem to be overcome’. She sees my disabilities the way I do; as just a part of me. A lot of young disabled people think they will not have a chance at romantic love. It’s important to show that Claudia’s love isn’t because or despite my disability, is just another part of who I am. Also just to show abled bodied people that disability isn’t scary and dating someone with a disability is not a terrifying prospect that they should close their minds to.”

Have a look through their highlights gallery, and leave Jessica and Claudia some love in the comments.

Same-sex bridal couple share a laugh in a Brighton park on their wedding shoot

Same-sex bridal couple walk hand in hand through a Brighton park with autumnal trees in the background

Same-sex couple Jessica and Claudia hold hands and lean against a tree

The bridal couple stand back to back laughing in front of a Batman mural in Brighton. <

The bridal couple lean in for a kiss against a wall of graffiti in Brighton. They wear baseball style jackets over their wedding dresses

Jessica leans into her wife and the couple laugh, while posing against a graffiti wall in Brighton

Bridal portrait of Jessica and Claudia standing in front of colourful Brighton street art. Jessica wears a 50s style Lou Lou Bridal dress, and Claudia wears a bespoke gown from White Leaf Bridal

Bridal portrait of Jessica Kellgren-Fozard in front of colourful mural

Bridal portrait of Jessica Kellgren-Fozard in front of Brighton graffiti

Jessica and Claudia embrace in front of candy coloured beach huts in Brighton

Jessica Kellgren-Fozard sits in her wheelchair with her bridal bouquet on her lap. Her wife Claudia stands behind her and holds her hand. The couple are both laughing

Same sex bridal couple Jessica and Claudia walk along Brighton beach holding hands

The bridal couple gaze at each other on Brighton promenade. Claudia holds the bouquet

Jessica and Claudia embrace at the water's edge on Brighton beach

The bridal couple risk wet feet as they pose with their backs to the incoming tide

Jessica and Claudia walk hand in hand along Brighton beach

The bridal couple hold each other close while looking out to sea








  1. Carol duBois

    Absolutely lovely. Just like you two are, inside and out.

  2. Eloise Hands

    These pictures are absolutely beautiful!! So much personality too! 😊❤️❤️

  3. Allison

    One of the many things I have grown to love about Jessica and Claudia as I have gotten to know them from YouTube is how easily and openly they share their love. It is truly an inspiration to me as a femme human in a relationship with a woman. You truly captured this aspect of their love beautifully – and I think these photos are taken in such a way that really allows the vastness of their love to fill the frame. Well done, all.

  4. Eliza

    This is so lovely, they look so relaxed and happy together! I love the beach shot most of all, looks like a still from a movie!

  5. Christine McNally

    This is so beautifully captured, well done Rachel! 🙂 Really great images.