My Top Family Photography Tips

by | Aug 17, 2020 | WEDDINGS

If you have scheduled a family photography session with me, these useful tips will help to make a memorable day with you and your loved ones.

Arrive on Time

Please arrive on time.  Your shoot will begin at our scheduled start time so it’s best to arrive a bit early to enjoy the most of your photoshoot.  This will give you time to find parking and use the loo or grab a coffee before we start.

Do something you enjoy

A family shoot is a chance to have some fun in front of the camera and  do something you all enjoy together.  Make it family time! An activity makes for more natural photographs as you will be immersed in your activity and perhaps even oblivious to my presence! 

Choose a meaningful location

For some families, a certain place holds a lot of significance. Which location means the most to you? You can choose a favourite park or somewhere you love to go as a family.  It’s also a good idea to take advantage of seasonal aspects, be it bluebell woods, ice creams on the beach, autumn leaves or a rare snow day. 

Hobbies and pets 

Incorporating your hobbies and shared interests is a nice way of making the shoot relevant to you as a family. Hobbies might include walks in nature, cycling, rock climbing, playing musical instruments or camping. As for your furry or feathered friends, pets are part of your family and it’s lovely to be able to include them in some way. 

Clothing and styling

Wear outfits that complement each other in terms of the style and colour palette. Colour looks great in photographs. Something appropriate to the setting and the time of year is also worth bearing in mind. As these are photographs you’ll cherish for a lifetime, it’s important that you wear clothes that are classic rather than trendy, with no motifs or wording. Ask yourself, do you think you’ll still like that outfit in ten or twenty years?Lastly, make sure you feel comfortable because this can really help you to shine.


You can really have a lot of fun with props, and make them as individual as you are. Sometimes the location and setting will dictate the props – for example a hamper, vintage teapot, a gorgeous picnic blanket and sumptuous food. 

Or you might bring along items that make strong pictorial elements such as some balloons, funny matching outfits, sporting equipment, or indeed anything that has personal significance to you as a family. 

Most of all it’s a time for you and your family to have some fun together, don’t take it too seriously and just enjoy!