Run away with me…
An elopement is an incredibly special kind of wedding. Where a wedding with guests is for show (with just a dash of performance thrown in), an elopement is just because you’re in love.

The wonderful thing about an intimate weddings is that my focus is on nothing other than your bond, free from the distractions of guests and formality. There’s a place for tradition, of course – but sometimes, it feels right to do things on your own. I’ll be there as an unobtrusive background observer – I’ll melt into the background and capture the two of you as you do your thing, creating the most beautiful couple portraits along the way.

I find it an honour to photograph such an intimate occasion. To have me photograph your elopement, please get in touch and let’s chat through your plans.

There are so many amazing locations for an intimate wedding; you needn’t be constrained to the UK if you don’t want to be. If you want to stay close to home, a simple city elopement followed by a romantic evening for the two of you in a boutique hotel in London could be just lovely – or we could head to your favourite romantic spot. The UK has a wealth of beautiful woodland and secluded beaches, if you know where to look. Devon and the Cotswolds are famed for their scenery – or a busy city can be a brilliant place to escape to.
Maybe we could jet off to your favourite European city where you can spend some time exploring? Or we could think further still – I’ve always thought that Iceland would be the most amazing setting for a romantic elopement, or if you prefer a warmer climate we could head to somewhere like Marrakech to explore the city or the dunes. The world is in the palm of your hands! I’ll gladly journey alongside you, quietly capturing your adventure in a romantic and beautiful way that leaves you free to enjoy the ride.