I’m Rachel


this is me

An adventurer, an artist, a people watcher and a storyteller. I love to observe the little moments to create authentic and beautiful images of your wedding day.

I thrive on being present and immersing myself in the love, happiness and joy of your celebrations. I delight in the unconventional and eccentric. Colourful weddings with a dash of the alternative make my heart sing.

my journey

If I’m honest, I’m not sure whether I chose to move in to wedding photography or if it chose me.  I fell in love with capturing the love, colour and romance of weddings back in 2010. My life before then was a whirlwind of travel and photography – exploring new, exciting countries and cultures.

Over the years I’ve lived and travelled in Europe, Egypt, and Israel, East Africa, Central America, Thailand, Cambodia and India. I’ve immersed myself in cultures from all over the globe, documenting incredible moments of life and humanity whilst living out of a backpack filled with film! I became captivated by the alchemy of photography and was utterly hooked.

Upon returning to the States, my home country,  I earned my Masters degree at New York City’s prestigious School of Visual Arts in  before being awarded a Fulbright Travel Grant in Photography. The grant that led me to a small town in India where I spent a year working on a documentary project.

 I shot my first ever wedding in whilst in India for a dear friend; a stunningly beautiful ceremony that started me on a very special journey.

Photography has given me the opportunity to continue exploring the world, to meet the most amazing people, and to experience an array of unique celebrations of love. What a gift that is!

life in Oxford

I’ve made my home in the beautiful city of Oxford and it is here that my artistic journey continues. As well as photography I’ve recently discovered a love for ceramics and I’m so excited to see where this new creative venture takes me and enhances my photography. I love spending time in the studio, learning new processes, creating pieces and experimenting with clay.

I love being amongst nature and exploring the countryside around my home, either on foot or by bike. And yes, I know what a cliché it is to live in Oxford and be an avid cyclist! When I’m not out and about in Oxford, discovering London’s museums and galleries, or busy in the ceramics studio, you can usually find me on my yoga mat or planning my next trip. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of landing somewhere new and embarking on an adventure!

If you’re curious you can view my ceramics at www.ettarain.com

about you

No two couples are ever the same. You are all utterly unique in the most beautiful ways. What ties us together is our love for the offbeat. Our creative minds. Our love of free thinking and a touch of the rebellious.

Your wedding is all about sentiment, not show. Your day will be relaxed with plenty of time for you to just be, to let things unfold at their own pace. Heartfelt. Romantic. Un-traditional. Exactly like my photography.

I love love, in all forms. Im LGBT+ friendly, celebrate diversity and adore experiencing multicultural weddings. However and wherever you’re celebrating – barefooted on the beach, feeling the festival vibes, dancing to the beat of an African drum…I am so looking forward to photographing it all for you.

dream destinations

A wedding in India

A romantic elopement in Paris

A beach elopement (one in Goa would be incredible!)

In a hidden forest

A wedding on a  mountaintop

An Iceland wedding

A Moroccan Riad wedding

Aynho Park

The Asylum venue

Pale and interesting venue

A wedding in Portugal (Porto is my favourite!)


Anywhere fun, adventurous and unique!

I can’t wait to meet you

I’m a sucker for a love story – I want to hear the tale of how you met, those early moments as you embarked on your adventure together, your proposal and, of course, your wedding plans.

If you like what you see, let’s get a call, Zoom or Skype chat scheduled in. We can put faces to names and “meet” over a virtual coffee. Getting to know each other is our first step on this wedding photography journey.

I’m so excited to find out all about you and your unique wedding day.

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