Cat and Alistair’s Joyful Oxford Jam Factory Wedding

As a wedding photographer, I’ve seen couples showcase their hobbies and interests in many different ways on their wedding day, through décor choices, speeches and more. However, Cat and Alistair, I can honestly say that your Jam Factory wedding is the first in which...

Merryn and Dora’s Intimate Same Sex Oxford Wedding

As a wedding photographer, I am very lucky in that my job is to celebrate love! Every human on Earth deserves to be able to commit themselves to the one they love, and as such, photographing same sex weddings is always guaranteed to put a huge smile on my face and a...

Run Away With Me – Five Reasons To Elope

Over the years, I’ve shot many elopements, both in the UK and internationally. Elopements hold a very special place in my heart – and being invited to photograph a couple running away together is an incredibly intimate experience, and a real privilege for...

Priya and Lionel’s International Indian Wedding at Christchurch College

Priya and Lionel brought a touch of Indian majesty to their international wedding at Christchurch College. India and its culture holds a special place in my heart (find out more about this here) and I am so in love with these images. The jewel tones of their outfits... read more

Why You Should Consider A Destination Wedding

Simply put, a destination wedding is a chance for you to capture that kid-in-a-sweetshop excitement of going on holiday, combined with the rare and special chance to celebrate surrounded by your friends and loved ones. Travel is a deep love of mine, and even though... read more

Claire and Olivier’s Romantic Parisian Engagement Shoot

Sa I love it when a love story has a real sense of place. There are certain locations in every couple’s life that have special meanings attached to them. It might be the place you shared your first kiss or where you fell in love, or the moment you set eyes on each... read more

A family adventure in Morocco

Last year we decided to go on a bit of an adventurous holiday to Morocco with my then four year old.   It’s an easy 3 hour flight and on the same time zone as the UK, so it’s the perfect exotic getaway if you are traveling with children, and would make a... read more

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