Why You Should Plan an Anniversary Photoshoot

by | May 18, 2020 | WEDDINGS

Couple in front of the Radcliffe Camera in Oxford embrace during their anniversary photoshoot

Do you want to hear something rather romantic?

This lovely pair, Marissa and Jared, celebrate their anniversary each year with a photoshoot.

And not just any photoshoot, oh no, they make sure they’re always in a different, and very exciting, location. So not only are they celebrating their relationship, but they’re exploring the world as well. I love that idea!

A few summers ago they were in Cuba for their shoot and, more recently, I met up with them for a stroll around Oxford.

Beautiful couple smile and embrace in front of the Bodleian Library in Oxford
A diptych of a couple in Oxford in front of the Bridge of Sighs
A romantic shot of a couple in front of the Bodleian Library in Oxford
A diptych of a couple in front of the Radcliffe Camera in Oxford
Romanic shot of a couple in front of a shop called Unicorn in Oxford

Romantic Couple Portrait Shoot

I have to admit, after chatting to them, it got me thinking. A photoshoot is such a fantastic celebration of your wedding anniversary and a chance to remember those vows that you made to each other. Day to day our lives are so busy and hectic that it’s easy to take each other for granted. Being photographed together brings about a reconnection and focuses on those emotions between you. It’s the perfect way to keep that romance alive! 

A diptych of a romantic couple in front of a green background in Oxford
Romantic couple shot in front of a carved wooden door in at the Bodleian Library in Oxford
A man kisses a woman while she smiles in front of a painted green shopfront
A happy couple pose on an Oxford City street with bicycles in the background

Portrait shoot location inspiration

The world really is your oyster when it comes to planning your shoot however, much as we’d all love to travel the globe, if you prefer to have a shoot a little closer to home then there is no shortage of beautiful locations in the UK.

Why not choose a place that has a special meaning for you and your relationship – we all have one. A beach where you shared your first kiss, the Lake District walk where you wandered hand in hand and chatted for hours. Or the city where you first set eyes on each other.

Of course, I’m not saying don’t travel abroad for your shoot. I’d definitely recommend it if you’re able to! I photograph all over Europe so would love to meet up with you as part of your romantic getaway. I joined Claire and Olivier over in Paris for their engagement shoot. Not only is Paris one of the most romantic cities in the world, but it’s where they met. As an added bonus Paris is only a few hours from London so I was able to hop on the train and join them there.

If you’re thinking of travelling somewhere for your photoshoot then why not make a long weekend of it. You want chance to explore as well as relaxing and, of course, you want to make time for your shoot. If you need any help thinking of places to visit then ask away! I’ve always thought Marrakech would be a perfect spot for an anniversary shoot – sun all year round, less than 3 hours away and imagine the colours in the photographs! Or the Alps! Snow, charming little towns, wrapping up warm together, doesn’t that sound romantic?!

If your anniversary is approaching and you’d love to have a portrait shoot together to commemorate it then I would love to hear from you. Get in touch and let’s get planning!

A romantic couple shot at an Oxford Collegfe
A couple kiss while walking on an Oxford street with the Unicorn shop in the background
A couple look at each other romantically with a red phone booth in the background
A couple kiss in front of a carved wooden door in Oxford
A couple hold hands as they walk away from the entrance of Christchurch college in Oxford