A Cherwell Boathouse Wedding- A Fun and Relaxed Day

by | Mar 26, 2018 | WEDDINGS

couple in a vintage Mini on their wedding day kissing

I was so happy when Dot and Alex told me they were holding their reception at The Cherwell Boathouse. This is one of my favourite local venues – it’s right on the river and is run by a lovely team who understand the importance of putting your own stamp on your wedding day. The food is incredible, and (the best bit, if you ask me) the bride and groom can arrive in style in their very own punt. It’s quintessentially English and just so romantic!

Dorota and Alex are a couple who really like to make an entrance! Not only did they glide along the river in a punt to their reception, they chose a vintage mini as their transportation to the church. Alex drove to pick up his bride-to-be and they arrived at the church together so they could walk down the aisle arm in arm. I love that they weren’t afraid to break with tradition and take their first steps into married life together.
Some of my favourite pictures of the day were at the punt arrival. There’s a lovely mix of glamour and romance, and hilariously candid wobbling as everyone tried to exit the boats with dignity intact. The theme of the reception was heavily inspired by the riverside venue, with lots of lovely touches that sum up English summertime. Think strawberries, Pimms cocktails (I’m so happy that Pimms O Clock exists!) and straw boater hats for the guests. It’s hard not to look spiffing in a straw boater, it turns out!

Each guest was given a note to fill in for the bride and groom, including space for some marriage advice, and room to draw a self portrait, which led to some brilliant results. I love this idea, it’ll make a wonderful and probably quite barmy scrapbook for Dorota and Alex to look back on in years to come! After the speeches, the party got going fairly quickly, as Dorota incorporated a tradition from her home in Poland and chose to have the toasts with shots of vodka rather than bubbles!

Here are some of my favourite images from this lovely day. If you’re looking for a photographer for your wedding day, get in touch and let’s have a chat. I’d love to hear from you.


Collage of images from left: bride's dress is done up; diamond ring sits in a bowl of strawberries; bridesmaids dresses and shoes; bride gets her makeup done

Collage of images from left: Bride has her makeup done; bridal portrait in lace cap sleeved dress; groom arrives with bouquet to pick up his bride

Collage of images from top: Vintage mini on the way to the church driven by groom; bride and groom walk down the aisle together

Groom puts ring on bride's finger at church ceremony

Collage of images from left: Groom holds hands with bride at altar; shot of congregation and beautiful dome in the church; bride and groom together at the altar; black and white shot of groom from over bride's shoulder

Collage of images from left: Bride stands up in vintage mini with head through sunroof; bride and groom seated together in vintage mini; close up of pale blue ribbon on car

Bride and groom kiss while standing on the seat of their vintage mini

Bride holds bouquet in back seat of vintage mini

Black and white shot, groom kisses bride on cheek

Bride and groom stand together in grounds of boathouse

Bride and groom laughing together among lavender bushes

Bride and groom kiss

Guests arrive at the Cherwell Boathouse by punt

Bride and groom wave to their guests from a bridge

Close up of groom's bowtie and boutonniere

Shot of bride and groom's shoes while standing at the water's edge

Bride and groom stand next to punts on the river

The river is full of punts, bride and groom arrive on one of them

Bride and groom arrive at the venue by punt

Close up of bride and groom on their punt, with champagne

Bride and groom embrace on punt

Bride and groom laugh as they arrive at the venue

An usher in a bowtie and straw boater

The groomsmen recline in punts on the river wearing straw boaters

Two of the groomsmen in a punt, wearing straw boaters

Bridesmaids wobble in a punt

Bride and bridesmaids laugh together in punt

Bride and bridesmaids together in punt on the River Cherwell

Collage of images from left: A note from the bride and groom for guests to fill in; a close up from the seating plan; summer fruits on top of the cake

Collage of images from left: A completed note for the bride and groom, complete with sketch; punts lined up on the river Cherwell; straw boater hats piled up next to the wedding cake

Collage of images from left: Bride and groom toast each other with vodka; guests applaud after the speeches, a close up of an engraved shot glass with vodka in it; bride, groom and best man pose together in front of the venue

Bridesmaid raises her glass during speeches

A young guest looking cool in a straw boater

Groom giving his speech

Guests laugh during the speeches

Bride and groom cut their naked wedding cake

Close up of naked wedding cake

Line of geese swimming on the river Cherwell, passing near the punts

Two guests in straw boaters

Bride and groom's first dance

Bride and groom's first dance

Groom smiles as he holds his bride on the dancefloor