Destination Weddings

I’m a seasoned traveller, a lifelong adventurer and I’m inspired by the concept of wanderlust.

Travel makes my heart sing and my imagination soar. Having travelled across the Americas, Europe, Asia and Middle East, I’ve lived in a rich variety of diverse cultures, soaking in all they have to offer along the way.

There’s little I love more than a destination wedding, which is where I shine the brightest. A travel companion, friend and easy-going presence, I’ll be with you for the ride. Together, we’ll delve into lesser known corners of the world and immerse ourselves in gorgeous new cultures. I always recommend that we allow time to hang out together – you’ll do your thing and I’ll just be there, artfully documenting whatever we get up to, creating a lasting memory of the day you gave yourselves the freedom to explore.

If you’re planning to get married in a far-flung location, I’d love to join you there. Perhaps a French chateau, or a beach lit by fairy lights… anything that makes the senses tingle and ignites a spark will lead to the most incredible photographs.

There are so many places we could travel to together! I’d love to return to India to shoot another wedding; maybe a far flung beach in Goa or The Andaman Islands… or what about a bustling Metropolis like Mumbai? There’s a richness in the culture and landscape of India that’s pretty hard to beat.

I’ve always thought that Iceland would be the most incredible location for an intimate, romantic Elopement. Imagine cosying up against the cold with that dramatic scenery behind you. Or for a completely different kind of elopement, Las Vegas would be an amazing place to head to – especially if Elvis married you!

We’re so lucky in the UK that we have so many destinations within easy reach. Europe is just a hop, skip and a jump away, opening up a world of possibilities from Paris, to Venice or a castle in the tumbling hills of Rome.

Morocco would be a brilliant destination, too – and definitely at the top of my list. Marrakech hosts so many beautiful Riads, and is just a stones’ throw from the country and deserts, which would be a dream for a romantic couples shoot. Imagine the light on the dunes at sunset…