Cat and Alistair’s Joyful Oxford Jam Factory Wedding

As a wedding photographer, I’ve seen couples showcase their hobbies and interests in many different ways on their wedding day, through décor choices, speeches and more. However, Cat and Alistair, I can honestly say that your Jam Factory wedding is the first in which...

Merryn and Dora’s Intimate Same Sex Oxford Wedding

As a wedding photographer, I am very lucky in that my job is to celebrate love! Every human on Earth deserves to be able to commit themselves to the one they love, and as such, photographing same sex weddings is always guaranteed to put a huge smile on my face and a...

Run Away With Me – Five Reasons To Elope

Over the years, I’ve shot many elopements, both in the UK and internationally. Elopements hold a very special place in my heart – and being invited to photograph a couple running away together is an incredibly intimate experience, and a real privilege for...

Why Winter Weddings Are Wonderful

I’m a fan of the underdog, and weddings are no exception to that rule. While the peak summer months have their charms, off-season weddings in winter hold a special place in my heart. Not only do they offer the opportunity for some wallet-friendly planning... read more

My Favourite Unique Oxfordshire Wedding Venues

I love living in Oxfordshire. If you’ve read this post, you’ll know that I’m someone who has been bitten pretty heavily by the travel bug. I’ve lived in many amazing places all over the world, but this green and historic English county has... read more

Express Yourself with a Portrait Shoot

Don’t get me wrong, I adore shooting weddings, and all the beautiful details that come with them: the flowers, the cake, the painstakingly handmade favours. But the real reason I love photography is that it allows me to capture personalities. People are... read more

Why You Should Consider A Destination Wedding

Simply put, a destination wedding is a chance for you to capture that kid-in-a-sweetshop excitement of going on holiday, combined with the rare and special chance to celebrate surrounded by your friends and loved ones. Travel is a deep love of mine, and even though... read more

Colourful Wedding Dresses

I’ve photographed a number of weddings in recent years in which the bride was not wearing a traditional white (or ivory) wedding dress. It’s lovely to see brides being more confident about making a break with tradition, expressing their own personal style or sometimes... read more

Two Thousand Fourteen- Oxford and London wedding photographer

Happy new year!  I’ve just spent the day taking down my Christmas tree, which always makes me a little sad.  The ornaments are packed away and the last pine needle has been swept up, and it’s suddenly 2015.  It really picked me up to see all of these... read more

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