A Joyful Oxford Jam Factory Wedding

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Bride and groom leave Oxford Town Hall. Colourful confetti on steps.

I’ve seen couples showcase their hobbies and interests in many different ways on their wedding day, through décor choices, speeches and more. However, Cat and Alistair, I can honestly say that your Jam Factory wedding is the first in which I’ve seen the bride clinging to a beam and dangling skilfully in mid air! 

Cat and Alistair are passionate climbers, and so it was only right that at various points during their celebration they were to be found…well… climbing things! The fact that they made it look so totally effortless and that Cat was able to do it in her gorgeous Charlie Brear wedding dress without breaking a sweat earns them even more points as far as I’m concerned. 

I absolutely loved shooting Cat and Alistair’s Oxford wedding day – it was full of so many of the things I love most. Beautiful city centre locations, quirky and meaningful touches that kept people grinning all day long, and a relaxed atmosphere that made me feel like part of the family. 

Off To The Jam Factory

After a really heart-warming ceremony at Oxford Town Hall, led by one of the couple’s friends, the couple and their guests walked through the city centre to The Jam Factory, where it was time for good food and great fun. 

I love it when the reception venue is walkable from the ceremony. There’s something very special about the way it feels to walk with a pair of glowing newlyweds through busy streets among shoppers and tourists. Watching passers by do little double takes in a ripple effect as they spotted Cat and Alistair among them, and equally watching Cat and Alistair in their own private happy bubble, oblivious to everyone else made for some great photos. (In case it’s not clear, I have a real thing for people watching!)

A Creative Hub

The Jam Factory is a real one of a kind venue in Oxford. On the one hand it’s a bar and restaurant, serving ethically produced, locally sourced British classics with panache. On the other, it’s a hub for local artists and creatives. There’s always art displayed on the walls, and it’s filled with books, comfy chairs and curios. 

Cat and Alistair made it look extra festive with bunting, beautiful flowers from Green and Gorgeous in pale pinks and sage greens with pops of bright yellow, and a seriously cool cake table with delicious treats baked by Ellie at Milk St Kitchen. I particularly loved the stylishly iced ring cake, or, Kransekake. It’s a traditional Norwegian cake, and was a suitably stylish (and scrumptious) nod to the country Cat and Alistair currently call home.

I had a ball shooting your joyful Jam Factory wedding, Cat and Alistair. You and your families are wonderful, and I wish you both every happiness in your future adventures together in Norway and beyond.

If you’re planning an Oxford wedding and looking for relaxed photography with a sense of fun, have a look through the gallery below, and get in touch to say hello. I’d love to hear from you.

Collage of images of bride getting ready with bridesmaids. She wears a Charlie Brear dress, and bridesmaids are in white and blue separates.
Collage of images of wedding ceremony at Oxford town hall. Groom wears blue suit.
Wedding ceremony at Oxford Town Hall, led by a friend of the couple.
Collage of images of end of wedding ceremony: first kiss, exchange of rings, confetti on the front steps
Bride, groom and guests walk through Oxford city centre
Bride and groom in front of green and blue doors
Couple's portraits on a bridge with blue railings by the river
Wedding decor at The Jam Factory including sweet table with several cakes by Milk St Kitchen
Collage of guests relaxing at wedding party. Bride and groom climb on beams outside venue.
Collage of images of the wedding speeches at The Jam Factory, Oxford.
Collage of images of wedding party at The Jam Factory: cutting the cake, DJing and hitting the dance floor.



  1. Eneka

    What a sweet wedding day. The couple hanging off the scaffolding is just the best!

  2. Kristy Field

    So much joy in these images, lovely work.

  3. Albert Palmer

    Beautiful – love the photos of them walking through the city

  4. James White

    Really nice work Rachel, plenty of great moments 🙂

  5. Pure Photo N.I

    Looks like a really fun wedding, expertly captured.