New College Chapel, The Loveliest Wedding Venue in Oxford

by | Nov 23, 2011 | Weddings at New College | 3 comments

Since I moved to Oxford a few years back, I have noticed that much of the city is hidden away by walls and gates.  Most of Oxford can only be seen by the students, alumni and faculty of the University.  But being a wedding photographer in Oxford has its advantages.  I have spent time in most of the colleges by now and I’ve seen quite a few churches.  But the most beautiful church around has to be the chapel at New College, wouldn’t you agree?  These images were taken at a recent wedding where I was a second photographer for the lovely Eve at Isha Photography!


  1. Sigrid

    My old college chapel. I felt very lucky to be able to just wander in at will. And the choir rehearsals would waft over to my room – so lovely.

  2. Rachel

    Lucky you Sigrid!
    I hope to be back there for another wedding soon, I just love shooting in there.
    How is NYC?

  3. sheryl Bristo

    Wow, love these wedding images amazing venue!