Tips For Capturing Stunning Wedding Photos In The Rain

by | Jan 24, 2024 | TIPS AND ADVICE, WEDDINGS

One of the most common questions I get asked by couples is “what do we do if it rains on our wedding day?”

I can completely understand people’s concerns. You’ve spent months, years even, planning your wedding day and the thought of it being a washout is awful. But, we’re in the UK. Regardless of the season there is never a guarantee that your day will be rain free. It rains 150 days a year in the UK on average. So, however much thought we put into things, we have absolutely no control over the weather. What we can plan for though is how we deal with downpours and rain. I’ve photographed weddings in rain, blazing sunshine, snow and gale force winds. So I like to think that I can handle pretty much anything the British climate throws my way! 

I always stress to couples that, if they can, they need to put their worries about the rain to one side. I come prepared and I’ll always have a “rainy day” plan. You will still get amazing wedding photographs. I know it’s not easy to just let worries go though, so here are my top tips for dealing with rain on your wedding day. 

Be Flexible

This is key. It is very rare that it will rain non stop all day. Whenever I’ve photographed a rainy wedding day there have always been short periods of time where the rain has stopped and we’ve been able to get outside. Even if it’s just for a couple of minutes. As long as you’re happy for me to come and get you both as soon as I spot a break in the weather then we can dash out and capture some amazing photographs! 

I am happy to step outside and take pictures in drizzle or light rain. If there is somewhere outside, but undercover, at your venue. An archway for example, then I can set up family groups and keep you all dry even if I am standing out in the rain. If the rain gets a little heavier then I have also been known to enlist a guest or member of the wedding party to hold an umbrella over me. Just to keep my equipment dry! 

Be Prepared

Even if the forecast is for it to be dry all day it’s always worth being prepared for wet weather. Just in case! If you don’t want your wedding shoes to get wet or muddy then have a pair of  wellies to hand, some boots or cool yet comfy trainers! Even if the weather is lovely you might want to pop your trainers on for a bit anyway, save you walking too far in heels or fancy footwear!  

I always recommend buying some clear umbrellas for the day too. Or you could buy umbrellas that go with your wedding day theme, I love these rainbow ones that Chris and Georgie had on their day! 

Try and avoid darker coloured umbrellas though, they can cast shadows on faces. 

Have a Plan B

If possible it’s worth having a Plan B, an indoor space at your ceremony or reception venue that we can use for portraits and / or family group photographs. If this area has large windows and lots of natural light then we’re onto a winner! 

Talk ToMe

You can contact me at any time to chat about your plans for the day and if you have any worries please let me know. I can pretty much guarantee that I’ll have dealt with something similar so can reassure you! We can talk about the weather, contingency plans, how we can make best use of your venue if we need to stay indoors…anything you like! 

Feel Lucky! 

Rain is commonly believed to purify and nourish everything it touches. With that in mind, rain on a wedding day is seen as a very good omen for the marriage. 

In the UK and many other cultures it’s said that “a wet knot never unties”, making the union secure and long lasting. In Italy it is believed that rain symbolises fertility and cleansing as well as an abundance of love. 

I hope these tips have put your mind at ease. The most important thing though is to not let rain, or any kind of weather, spoil your day. Smile, trust in your suppliers and know that whatever happens you and your guests will still have an amazing time! As an added bonus, on a wet wedding day there can be some amazing atmospheric conditions and incredible light. Which makes me a very happy photographer!

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer that has many years of shooting weddings in English rain, get in touch!