How To Get The Most Incredible Confetti Photographs 

by | Jan 29, 2023 | TIPS AND ADVICE, WEDDINGS

Black tie wedding bride and groom confetti shot

Confetti! It’s one of my favourite parts of a wedding day. It marks the beginning of the celebrations, it’s a time for all of the guests to cheer and clap and generally make some noise for the couple. It’s utterly, utterly joyful! 

It’s no surprise then that whenever I deliver a wedding gallery the confetti photographs are always amongst my favourite photographs of the day. The images are colourful and full of smiles, perfect! Couples always come back and rave about them too and they’re the most popular images purchased as prints. All in all, confetti photos are the best! 

So, with all of that in mind, how do you make sure that you have everything in place to create the most incredible confetti moment on your wedding day? I’ve got the answers for you! Here are my five hints and tips. 

How do you choose confetti? 

hand made confetti cones made from old maps

Picking a type of confetti is like choosing a wedding photographer, there are so many different types out there so how do you know what will be best for you? As with everything that goes with a wedding, pick the type that you like the best! That’s all there is to it! Here’s a quick run down of some of the more popular confetti I’ve seen

Flower petals – Classically beautiful and eco friendly. It’s the most popular confetti choice.

Two brides exit from the Oxford town Hall with confetti

Biodegradable paper – These are my favourite and look amazing in photos- they’re so colourful! The brighter the better as far as I’m concerned!

Wedding bride and groom laugh as they walk through confetti line

Lavender – and as an added bonus it smells amazing! The lavender was amazing at Rachel and Jon’s Worcester College wedding. Note that it’s a bit more difficult to get out of your hair than other methods.

Guest throw lavender at a couple exiting Worcester College in Oxford

Bubbles – a great alternative if venues don’t allow confetti. I’d recommend getting a bubble machine or bubble guns for extra impact.

A couple exit the church as their guest blow confetti bubbles at them
Bride and groom with bubble confetti

Confetti canons – for that extra wow factor! These are a great choice if you want lots of colour. You can give the canons to a few people and the rest can throw handfuls.

Bride and groom have first dance while guests use colourful confetti canons.

Mini pom poms – these homemade pom poms looked amazing. You can get creative with tissue paper like Hannah and Richard did, or order them online.

Couple leave church with pom pom confetti made of tissue paper

An extra tip from me, please make sure that whichever confetti you choose is natural or biodegradable

Oh, and another hint, don’t worry about buying those little envelopes for confetti. Get a big basket. So much easier and quicker for people to grab handfuls. Plus it saves you time and money in the run up to your day. 

How much confetti should you get? 

Mother tosses confetti over her son after wedding

The easy answer is LOTS! The more confetti the better. You want to make sure that each guest has a big handful. Confetti websites will have guides on them, use those and maybe get a bit more too. Just to make your photos extra amazing! 

On the day

  • Generally the best time for confetti is straight after your ceremony. Depending on the weather of course.
  • Doing it at this point also means you two can take a moment to hide away together as all your guests gather outside.
  • Ahead of the wedding nominate a couple of people to help organise your guests into two rows on either side. Ask some of the bridal party to grab the basket of confetti and go up and down the rows handing it out to people. Encourage everyone to grab huge handfuls! 
  • Whilst all this is going on I’ll be getting some fab candid photos of all your guests laughing and joking together. 
Lesbian couple looking happy walk through confetti line

A few bonus tips for your guests…

  • Put your cameras down! I’ll be taking lots and lots of photos so guests can be in the moment. It looks much nicer when there aren’t phones in the images.
  • Throw the confetti high in the air, not in the couple’s faces.
  • Cheer, scream, whoop! This is a great moment for the couple, make sure you celebrate them! 

Any opportunity! 

Couples first dance under brightly coloured confetti

Dedicated confetti moments are amazing, but you can also use confetti at other points in your day. How about having a confetti canon during your first dance? Or have your guests surround the dancefloor with bubble guns? I’ve seen confetti canons set off during group photos and it looks fab too! 

Enjoy it! 

couple leave church under flower b=petal confetti

If you don’t take any other tip away from this blog post remember this one. Enjoy it! Hold each other’s hands, smile and walk slowly down your confetti aisle. This is such a great moment, everyone is cheering for you, you’ve just got married and you’re about to party!