Why Winter Weddings Are Wonderful

by | Nov 24, 2018 | TIPS AND ADVICE, WEDDINGS

Couple embrace at winter wedding by walled garden

I’m a fan of the underdog, and weddings are no exception to that rule. While the peak summer months have their charms, off-season weddings in winter hold a special place in my heart. Not only do they offer the opportunity for some wallet-friendly planning – with many venues offering discounted rates for winter weddings – they also come with an added dose of cosy, twinkly atmosphere.  

Whether you’re a fan of Nordic hygge with its traditionally muted tones and luxuriously chunky knits, or dreaming of a full-on festive fantasy, a winter wedding offers a wealth of styling and photography possibilities.

Two images of bride and groom at their winter wedding, in front of large Christmas tree and carved wooden door

Why Winter Weddings Are Wonderful

The Light

You may think of long winter nights and darkness drawing in, but the change in light can work in your favour for winter weddings. Low sun means softer light, casting dreamy hues over your day and your photographs. When the sun does set, it’s also an opportunity to bring lights inside, and create your own warm and glowing little world to shut out the night. Think of a fire blazing merrily in the grate, sparkling candlelight, fairy lights galore – I’m feeling romantic already!

Bride and groom among trees with hanging lanterns

The Party Spirit

At any time of the year, your wedding is a chance for celebration, but plan a big day in one of the winter months and your guests will most definitely be ready to party. If you choose a wedding date at the end of the year, there’s the anticipation of Christmas, the happy nostalgia of a year well spent, and the ‘most wonderful time of the year’ mindset that will guarantee you a packed dancefloor and a room ringing with laughter. Or why not plan a wedding celebration in January, when many are feeling the post party blues? Yours will be a bright spot on a cold social calendar, and will have people jumping at the chance to attend.

Bridal party at winter wedding wearing pale grey and fur stoles

The Possibility Of Snow

I’m dreaming of a white wedding… Now, yes, I know that snowfall can wreak havoc with transport and upset plans. It’s also really very cold (!), but I there is nothing quite as magical as spending some newly wedded moments among softly falling flakes. Snow softens the world’s edges and colours, and makes you the stars of your own black and white film. If you’re lucky enough to wake to the white stuff on your winter wedding day, then look past the practicalities and the stress if you can, and enjoy your own personal winter wonderland.

Collage of images of bride and groom at winter wedding in the snow

Collage of images of bride and groom in the snow at their winter wedding

The Added Intimacy

When faced with cold weather, huddle together! If it’s freezing outside, you’ll necessarily have less space to play with as guests will want to avoid the shivers, and stay clustered inside, no matter how gorgeous your venue’s gardens might be. Embrace this added intimacy and run with it. A winter wedding provides many opportunities for you and your guests to get cosy. Settle down with a warming winter cocktail for a fireside chat, set up fire pits and snuggly blankets outside to sit and watch the stars while toasting marshmallows. Make the atmosphere of your winter wedding as inclusive and heartwarming as a hand knitted jumper and you’re on to a winner.

Collage of images of festive winter wedding details, champagne and red and gold colour scheme

Bride and groom couple's shot at winter wedding. Bride wears dress in deep plum colour

The C Word

Let’s do it – let’s go there. Say ‘I do’ in a Christmas scene, filled with mince pies and mulled wine. Deck the halls with holly, and rock a festive day from start to finish. I know that this time of year can sometimes feel like a consumerist onslaught, and as decorations start appearing in shops earlier and earlier, Christmas can be a bit of a dirty word. However, I firmly believe that there’s still real magic at its heart, no matter how old you are. If your Christmas wedding is merry and bright, and filled to the brim with comfort and joy, and you can’t go too far wrong. 

Hardback book of A Christmas Carol tied with red ribbon among paper flowers at a winter wedding

If you’re planning a winter wedding and looking for a photographer to capture the magic, why not get in touch? I’d love to hear about your plans.