A Quirky Moroccan Inspired Teepee Wedding

by | Aug 28, 2018 | WEDDINGS

Oxfordshire has lots of incredible venues (and in fact, you can check out some of my favourites in this post), but there’s something a little bit magical about a wedding that takes place in a family home. The nostalgia and memories of childhood, coupled with parents and family members mucking in and getting really involved makes for a wonderful, meaningful wedding day. Sian married her Yassine in a fabulous Moroccan-inspired celebration in her parents’ garden, and it was just lovely.

A Break With Tradition

This is a couple who knew from the get go that they wanted to do their wedding their way, and not be bound by tradition for the sake of it. This is an attitude I wholeheartedly approve of, and it was wonderful to see a celebration so well and truly stamped with personality.

Yassine is from Morocco, and met Sian while they were both studying in France. They wanted their fusion wedding to incorporate lots of Moroccan touches, including some fabulous fashion. Sian and Yassine opted for not one, not two but three outfits during their wedding day, with each dress change signalling another part of the celebration.

The couple arrived looking gorgeous in a sharp navy suit and light blue dress adorned with flowers. They walked down the aisle in the garden together, and were showered with confetti on their way into the marriage blessing rather than out of it. I thought this was a really nice touch and added more of a feeling of anticipation and excitement to what was about to happen.

After their ceremony, it was time for an outfit change. The couple donned traditional Moroccan dress (I LOVE Sian’s red silk number) for their first dance as a married couple. I was also able to steal them away from their guests for a few moments to get some private couple’s shots. Sian’s parents’ garden is blessed with incredible views out over the Oxfordshire countryside, so the images here were a dream to shoot.

After pictures and dancing on the lawn (which was so romantic as their guests looked on from the teepee), Sian changed into her third gorgeous dress of the day – a beautiful deep blue floral number – ready for dinner and the evening party.

A Family Affair

Something that made this wedding really memorable for me was the way in which Sian’s parents both got involved. The beautifully striking teepee was erected in their garden, and Sian’s mum had spent weeks gardening, pruning and perfecting the space so the lawn and flower beds looked their best.

Not to be outdone, Sian’s dad conducted the marriage blessing for his daughter and new son-in-law. He also showed off some serious moves in an impromptu (and hilarious) dance off outside the teepee with Yassine.

This wedding was such fun, and a delight to be a part of. I love it when couples aren’t afraid to be a little unconventional and take charge of the way they want their wedding to be. Yassine and Sian – thank you, you’re both brilliant.

If you’re planning an Oxfordshire wedding full of love and heartfelt personal touches, then I’d love to hear from you. Why not get in touch, and let’s chat all things photography?

A collage of images showing the arrival of guests at this quirky Moroccan inspired teepee wedding. The bride wears a light blue dress.

Collage of images of the wedding blessing inside the teepee

Bride and groom embrace next to fence overlooking Oxfordshire countryside

Collage of images of bride and groom dancing in traditional Moroccan dress next to wedding teepee

Collage of images of couple's shots. Bride and groom in traditional Moroccan dress - bride wears red silk

Father of the bride does funny dance off with his new son-in-law, both wearing fezzes


Teepee in garden set up for wedding as evening falls

Selection of details from quirky Moroccan inspired wedding. Framed wedding reading, naked cake with cake topper, mini chocolate cakes and order of the day

The wedding speeches. Collage of images.

Collage of images of bride and groom on dancefloor and teepee at night

Dresses:  Needle and Thread for the first and third dresses https://www.needleandthread.com/  The second dress (kaftan) was from (an independent dress shop in) Rabat.
Cakes:  Erika Cakes   https://www.erikascakes.co.uk
Teepees:  Love Tipis   https://www.lovetipis.co.uk 

Flowers:  Babylon Flowers   www.babylonflowers.co.uk