Why You Should Consider A Destination Wedding

Simply put, a destination wedding is a chance for you to capture that kid-in-a-sweetshop excitement of going on holiday, combined with the rare and special chance to celebrate surrounded by your friends and loved ones. Travel is a deep love of mine, and even though...

Dorota and Alex’s Riverside Boathouse Wedding

I was so happy when Dot and Alex told me they were holding their reception at The Cherwell Boathouse. This is one of my favourite local venues - it's right on the river and is run by a lovely team who understand the importance of putting your own stamp on your wedding...

Jessica and Claudia’s Romantic Brighton Wedding Shoot

  When you look through the gallery of this romantic Brighton wedding shoot, Jessica and Claudia might look familiar to you. You can find this gorgeous couple over on YouTube, where they have a successful channel of nearly a quarter of a million followers!  Once...

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