I create images you’ll fall in love with again and again.  For me, being present at your wedding is a genuine honour. And it means just that: being present. Being aware, being observant and experiencing the fullness of each moments’ love, happiness and joy.

My journey

If I’m honest, I’m not sure whether I chose to move in to wedding photography or if it chose me. I fell in love with photographing weddings in 2010, following a rich journey of photographic discovery that took me on an adventure across the world. During this time, I lived and travelled in Spain, Egypt, and Israel, East Africa, Central America, Thailand, Cambodia and India. I immersed myself in cultures from all over the globe, documenting incredible moments of life and humanity whilst living out of a backpack filled with film! I became captivated by the alchemy of photography and was utterly hooked.

Upon returning to the States, I decided it was time to make things formal with my relationship with photography. I earned my Masters degree at the prestigious School of Visual Arts in New York City before being awarded a Fulbright Travel Grant in Photography. It was the grant that lead me to a small town in India where I spent a year working on a documentary project.

 I shot my first ever wedding in India for a dear friend; a stunningly beautiful ceremony that started something very special for me. Photography is a career, of course – but more than that, it’s a lifestyle which affords me the opportunity to travel often, meet the most amazing people and to experience an array of unique celebrations of love. And what a gift that is!

About you

What I’ve learned, more than anything, is that no two couple are ever the same. Your connection, your character and the essence of what makes you you inspires me on a daily basis. It’s my role to capture the wonder of your wedding through my lens, allowing you to relive those deliciously sublime moments again and again throughout your lives together.

My couples tend to be a lot like me – a little offbeat, creatively minded, free thinking and perhaps just a little bit rebellious. They tend to be chilled out people who are planning their wedding for sentiment rather than show. It’s those weddings that I love the most; the ones where the couple allow themselves to just be and let the day unfold at its own pace. It’s then that I can create gorgeous, truthful images of heartfelt weddings celebrated in a way which reflects the two of you.

a little more about me…

I've traveled all over the world


with my camera

My favoutire place to travel


i love this boy

to the moon and back

My boy and I love playing in

 the waves



It’s magical!


the desert
Like what you see?
I’ve been based in Oxford in the UK since the birth of my son eight years ago. I photograph weddings in gorgeous locations around the UK – stunning beaches and unusual venues are my favourites – and my passport is always within reach for the destination weddings that make my spirit soar. Any excuse for travel, and I’m there!

My ultimate dream destinations

A wedding in India

A romantic elopement in Paris

A beach elopement (one in Goa would be incredible!)

In a hidden forest

A wedding on a  mountaintop

An Iceland wedding

A Moroccan Riad wedding

Aynho Park

The Asylum venue

Pale and interesting venue

A wedding in Portugal (Porto is my favourite!)


Anywhere fun, adventurous and unique!